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Shop with a cause, Make a difference!

The online Platform “DarPazar” is a place where you can find goods, products and services that are sold by social enterprenuers with the aim to generate income that will help them achieve their missions. Buying from them you support a specific personal story, idea, development. Each purchase is part of a sustainable solution for a better social environment where everyone can succeed.

The mission of DarPazar is to help small and large social entrepreneurs to reach out to the wider community. To be brave, to share what they are doing, to seek and find people who are ready to support important causes.

In Bulgaria a lot of stories can be told about successful social entrepreneurs, who are involved not only in making business but making it with a cause- that supports others in need, or the preservation of the nature and our joint development in general. The Accenture Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law teams choose to tell those stories through an online shop that offers the products and services produced by social entrepreneurs for whom each purchase means support and brings compassion to their causes.

Accenture is a leading international company that offers a wide range of services and solutions in the following categories: strategies, consulting, digital services, technologies and operations. With its long experience and specialized knowledge in areas of more than 40 industries in all business sectors, Accenture works within the crossing point of business and technologies in order to help its clients to improve their performance and to create table added value. With around 469 000 employees in more than 120 countries, the company is a leader in the innovations that improve the way people live and work. More information you can find on www.accenture.com.

The Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law (BCNL) is a civil society organization which mission is to support the development of an enabling environment for non-profit organizations in Bulgaria, so that people can freely enjoy their right of association and to develop their initiatives. We had helped more than 4000 NGOs with trainings and consultations. One of our programs is the NGO Entrepreneurship Program that fosters mission related economic activity as a way for the civil society organizations to achieve sustainable solutions for crucial social problems. You can find more on www.bcnl.org

socialno predpriemachestvo

Create. Develop. Sell. Support. Succeed.

These are the five most important words for every social entrepreneur.
Social entrepreneurship is a successful model for making a change – in human lives, communities, nature as it is a mission related economic activity that aims to achieve purposes of great importance for the society.


produkt s kauza

It is very simple.

This is like any other product, but the special thing about it is that it is created for a cause – to support a person in need, a talented person or the preservation of nature. And to buy a product with a cause means that you help this specific mission to be achieved. Often the very creation of the products is a kind of support of its own for those who participate in that process: new skills and a sense for being appreciated for the people with disabilities, job and independence for young people and adults who lack work experience, preserved craftsmanship and source for making a living in rural areas. Products created with care by a person and nature.

Created for a cause –> Shop with a cause -> Support a cause

To buy a product with a cause means that you support a specific personal story, idea, the nature. Each purchase is part of a sustainable solution for a better social environment where everyone can succeed.