For Companies: New in DarPazar, the Place for Gifts with a Cause

Wed, 01/06/2021 - 14:47

“We gave all our colleagues small souvenirs from DarPazar handcrafted by refugee women. They were definitely touched—not so much by the gifts themselves as by the story behind them. Even as a recipient of a gift like this, even without giving your own time and money, you are a participant in a good cause, and the feeling is great. It’s a double gift of sorts!” says a DarPazar corporate client. 

DarPazar is a place for gifts with a cause, gifts that carry meaning and spread the word about the good stories behind them—the stories of their makers and of the people who help them out. At DarPazar you will find products and services offered by Bulgarian social enterprises employing individuals who have fallen on hard times, caring for the environment, supporting talented youth without parental care, preserving Bulgarian customs and traditions, and working in any way they can for a better tomorrow for us all. 

On our new For Companies page, we feature thematic catalogs for gifts with a cause for every occasion. We at DarPazar know that a company’s success hinges on treating its people right, no matter how big the company or what its area of activity is. People are those who make success possible: employees, partners, investors, donors. To thank them while supporting a good cause, present them with a gift from DarPazar. 

Get in touch with the platform’s team at hello@darpazar.bgor at 0888 908.319. We will help you choose the right gifts with a cause for your employees and partners. 

The latest catalog is our June 1 Catalog (каталог 1 юни), featuring gifts with a cause for grownup children and their young ones. 
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