Fractions kit

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This toy is designed to the used in school environment or at home under the supervision of an adult (teacher, parent). 

The kit includes: 

  • 3 base boards with the dimentions of 23cm by 23cm, each of them with four slots, where the the franctions are arranged;
  • 12 wooden circles with 10 cm diameter sliced into different number of equal pieces - from 1 whole to 12 pieces. 

The pieces of each circle are marked on one side with the certain fraction and on the other side is hand painted in different colours. The whole circle is white, the divided into two is yellow, etc.

The pieces could be arranged in different combinations and in this way to exercise: 

  • the visual perception of the parts of the whole and the relation between them; 
  • addition and subtraction of ordinary fractions; 
  • comparison of ordinary fractions.

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