How to order, delivery and return

How to order

The Platform “DarPazar” is a place where various social enterprises offer their products and services with a cause. It is not necessary to be registered on the Platform in order to make an order. Every product or service is ordered separately through the order form in the following way: Use the button “Product request” under the photo of the product/service with a cause that you had chosen.

  1. Fill in the necessary data – number of items from the specific product or time for use of the service, your names and contact data, the payment and delivery methods that you prefer and whether you need an invoice.
  2. Press the button “Request” – your order will be directly sent to the social enterprise whose products/services you want to buy. Automatically you will receive an e-mail confirmation for your order.
  3. After you finalize your order of a specific product/service, you can order another product/service in the same way. Once entered, your contact data will be automatically inserted in your next order but only if you had not left the Platform.
  4. On the following working day (considered from the day you had made the respective order) you should expect confirmation from the social enterprise via e-mail or phone. At the time of that confirmation you can negotiate all the details related to the delivery method and expenses, details related to the product itself or any specifics when using the service. 
  5. In 3 working days since you receive the confirmation of the order or in another explicitly negotiated term between you and the social enterprise, you will receive the product/service. 

For any inquiries or details related to the order of product/service that you make, you can contact directly the social enterprise using its contacts that are written in the end of the page of the respective product/service.


The delivery method of a product/service can be chosen in the process of making an order. The delivery options are:

  1. Delivery to an address: you can choose that method in the process of making an order and after you submit actual address, names, additional instructions and currier company to make the delivery.
  2. Delivery to a currier office: you choose a currier company to make the delivery, fill in the post code and the currier office where you want to receive your package.
  3. Pick up at the office of the organization/social service whose products/services you had ordered: you have the opportunity to pick up the products you had ordered as you visit the organization/social enterprise at the address that it had filled in and if you negotiate the time of the visit in advance. 

Delivery deadlines

The packages are sent within 3 working days since the confirmation for the order by the organization/social enterprise whose product/service has been ordered or since the receiving of the payment in case a “Bank transfer” has been chosen as a payment method. In exceptional cases other delivery deadlines could be negotiated between the client and the organization/social enterprise if they agree upon that explicitly. 

Order denial and return

You may return the products that you had bought within 14 days since the day you had received them if the following conditions are present:

  • The products are in their original packaging;
  • There are no signs of use, damages or smudging;
  • You send back the original invoice and/or receipt that had been sent with the products (your order will be accompanied by a document for the purchase – fiscal receipt in case you make the payment at the delivery or invoice upon your request);
  • The expenses on the return of the products are paid by you.

You may trade off the products with others or you may receive your money back in case you do not want to trade them off. The amount of money that you may receive back does not include the delivery price and it will be returned to you in a way that you had negotiated with the organization/social enterprise.

All sums that had been paid via bank transfer are transferred back on the same account from which the payment had been made.

The services may be rejected or redirected to be used by another entity only if there is an explicit consent and an additional agreement with the corresponding social enterprise/organization. 

Address for return of products:

As an address for returning the products is considered to be the address of the organization/social enterprise pointed in the respective contact information on the Platform.