Educational game "Words, Hooray!"

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  • securing the workplace of people with disabilities; 
  • and ensuring the possibility of worthy labour and realization and the development of educational materials for preschool and primary school children and children with special educational needs.


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The game contains 10 rotating wooden tiles for word formation and 50 picture cards. Each tile can be exactly 5 different words, with each word corresponding to a specific card. In the lower right corner of the tile is a small engraved symbol (clover, heart, etc.) that corresponds to the card symbol and shows which cards refer to which tile.

The font used on rotating tiles is specially designed for people with dyslexia by Kristina Kostova. It is printed on recycled paper, which reduces the contrast between the background and the text, for the convenience of children with reading difficulties.

The purpose of the game is for children to practice recognizing and pronouncing letters and to stimulate their interest in reading in the initial stages of development.

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