Nature in a box BULGARIA

Buying this Nature in a box, you support the efforts of our Biodiversity Foundation in protecting protected areas and species and in helping small farmers or family firms, which produce gourmet products from such areas or in harmony with nature.

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White, green, red… Bulgaria

Our “patriotic” box contains three products of specific colour and contents, which we associate with our own country.

Contents:The Flower of Salt (100 gr), Strandzha merudiya (50 gr) and lyutenitsa (100 gr)

White as salt

The delicate “The Flower of salt” from Atanasovsko lake is a soft salt, with a soft taste and sea flavour. It is a completely natural product, containing a rich complex of microelements, beta-carotene and organic iodine.

Green from Strandzha “merudiya”

Every autumn, every respectful housewife from Strandzha mountain gathers aromatic spices from the garden, as well as pumpkin-seeds, maize, linseed, chickpea, then crushes and mixes them all with a little salt and there she has the magic of Strandzha “crushed salt”.

Red with lyutenitsa from “Misto”

The vegetables for this beloved Bulgarian appetizer are grown in a bio environment in a Natura 2000 zone at the village of Isperihovo by lelya Denka Georgieva. The secret of the preparation of this lyutenitsa has been passed from generation to generation for a hundred years now.


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