Anti-Collision Window Stickers with UV effect - circle

By buying this product you support the activities of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) for conservation of wild birds and their habitats.

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Anti-collision stickers - circle with UV effect. The stickers are protecting the birds from flying against the glass. They are almost transparent for people while for the birds they appear in glowing blue. Ideal for any window where classic patches are not suitable. The glue-free stickers adhere well, but at the same time they are easier to move or remove, if needed. UV stickers are a great solution - they have good protection without defacing the landscape or hindering. The UV stickers use the ability of birds, unlike humans, to see UV light, i.e. to see a clear object.

Location and installation: The stickers should be placed 15-20 cm apart. When the location is more dangerous - 10 cm apart. It is recommended to adhere the sticker to the exterior part of the window. The glass surface must be pre-washed and degreased. When the temperatures are below + 5 ° C, it is advisable to warm up the window before adhering the sticker. In winter it is recomended that the stickers should be placed when the temperatures are higher.

When placed through 15 cm, the stickers from one sheet can cover about 2-2.5 square meters of windows.

Durability: The UV effect of the stickers gradually diminishes under the influence of the sun's rays. At any time their condition can be checked with an UV lamp in the dark. It is recommended to change the stickers after 12 months.


Diameter 3.7 cm approximately; 40 pieces in pack.


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