Bird feeder

By buying this product you support the activities of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) for conservation of wild birds and their habitats.



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Bird feeder. Suitable for sunflower seeds and other seeds.

The feeder has a lid for convenient filling and cleaning. It has 2 perches.

Material: strong plastic.

Height: 20 cm.

Advice: Clean the feeders regularly using a mild disinfectant. Take out all the leftovers and moistened food to avoid bacterial buildup. Always keep the container clean of stools and other debris. After cleaning the birdhouse, rinse it well thoroughly with clean water. Wash it outside and protect yourself by wearing gloves and washing your hands carefully.

Bird feeders are a great way to make new friends. Hanging on the window, in the yard or even in the park, they will attract the birds close to our sight so that we can admire them. In addition, by offering them calorie and  energy-rich food, we help them to survive the winter.


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