Community Center Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1861"

Bulgaria, Shipka, 4 Byan Chomakov str., Municipality of Kazanlak
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The Community Center Chitalishte "Svetlina - 1861" in the town of Shipka is one of the first similar cultural institution in Bulgaria, established in January 1861 by the teacher Hristo Karadjov. In the beginning it was situated in a room next to the churchyard, but in 1870 it was moved to the newly built primary school. Only a year later, an extremely fruitful theatrical activity was launched with the play "The Suffering Genoveva". Very soon the hall of the primary school became small for the rich creative activity and theatrical repertoire of the amateurs from Chitalishte Svetlina. They began to dream of a new building that can meet all their creative needs and collecting funds for the construction of a new building. The funds have been raised over years through voluntary donations of money, rose oil, etc., and lately builders from Shipka and the entire population participate voluntarily in the construction.

The new building, completed in 1934, is a small copy of the National Theater “Ivan Vazov” in Sofia, with incredible acoustics in the concert hall. Its stage has provided place for many theater productions and movie screenings over the years. In the 1980s, measures were taken to expand the building and modernize the scene, but unfortunately in 1989 the repair was frozen and the community center was relocated to the primary school where it is still housed.

Nowadays Chitalishte Svetlina – 1861 maintains a rich cultural activity and strives to preserve and pass to the new generations the Bulgarian traditions and customs. A local history club, cinema club, folk dance group, vocal group and children's theater troupe are actively working in the building. The Chitalishte building houses a library with over 31 000 volumes of books and periodicals, as well the Art Gallery “Hristo Pesev”, with works by renowned Shipka sculptors and artists. The Chitalishte is also the main organizer of the educational treasure hunt game "Discover Wealth" (winner of the Vivacom Regional Grant 2016), as well as the "Young Detective" agency, which develops together with the Regional Library "Zachary Knyazheski" Stara Zagora and the Shipka’s school.

One of the main activities of Chitalishte Svetlina - 1861 in the latest years is also the development of the ethnographic complex "Chirpanliev House", where take palace every year various craft workshops, exhibitions, talks, folkloric demonstrations and Shipka Fest - Days of Arts and Crafts, organized annually in May. Chirpanliev House has a rich ethnographic collection and is a cultural monument of local importance since 1979. In 2018, the Chitalishte was awarded for Best Business Plan for Social Enterprise of the Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law and won a project from the National Fund for Culture for turning Chirpanliev house into a center of cultural tourism in Shipka.


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Chitalishte Svetlina - 1861 Shipka accepts payments by bank transfer, cash on delivery (with Speedy or Econt courier companies) and on site at the Chitalishte building (4 Boyan Chomakov Str., 6150 Shipka).

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The services offered by Chitalishte Svetlina - 1861 Shipka are provided only on the territory of the town of Shipka and its surroundings.

When you request a service, you pay an individual or group ticket, which will be sent to you by email and which you must submit on the day of the event. The date and time of the requested service shall be specified by telephone or email, according to the Chitalishte working hours and your preferences.

You can pay for the service in advance by bank transfer or on-site at the Chitalishte Svetlina – 1861 the day of the event. Reservations - at least 1 week in advance.

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