"Neshta s dusha" social enterprise

Varna, Solun 12 str.
  • 087 728 9322
  • info@neshtasdusha.com
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About enterprise

"Neshta s dusha " is a social enterprise with a double cause, where we hire people with disabilities and make educational toys, games and materials for preschool and primary school children and children with special educational needs.

Why, when choosing the products of "Neshta s dusha" you support two causes?

Because on one side we help people with disabilities to continue having sustainable work place in the social enterprise and to exercise their right to work. But on the other side preschool and primary school children, also children with special educational needs could enjoy the educational toys and materials of our social enterprise, which are made with such love and care. 

Each of our products is carefully selected and specially developed by us, in each product we have put so much thought and love, it is hand made and hand wrapped by our team. The product has its history, so to speak has a soul and a life , this differs us from the products in the big shop chains and mass production. We pay attention to the kids with special educational needs, we get inspired by the new trends and we believe that learning trought play is the most rewarding and lasting for a child's absorbent mind.

Delivery terms

Delivery between 3 business days: 

  • to Speedy ofices;
  • to Econt ofices;
  • to address;

Thank You, for supporting us!

Payment terms

The social enterprise "Neshta s dusha" accepts payments with bank transfer and cash on delivery.

Products by enterprise
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