Creative Center of Kalofer Bobbin Lace

Georgi Shopov 3 Str., Kalofer
  • +359895760222
  • IBAN: BG95CECB979010G8565200
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  • +359895760222
About enterprise

The Creative Center of Kalofer Bobbin Lace is created with a lot of voluntary work by our young team. We’ve been respected by the rich history of this art which goes through periods of ups and downs and it makes us look for new opportunities for its development. During its 2-year existence, the center has become an attractive place for residents and guests of the town and hosts various cultural events. The center also has a permanent exhibition hall and a training hall for conducting a knitting course, as well as a shop offering knit crafts made by master knitters from all over Bulgaria, handmade souvenirs and products from local producers.

Delivery terms

All products offered by the Creative Center of Kalofer Bobbin Lace on the platform can be delivered within 3 business days to an address or Econt office. If you would like to order something specific, something more special, a larger quantity of a product or you have another idea that we can implement, please contact us via one of the contact methods listed below to clarify the terms!

Products by enterprise
Phone case
Entirely handmade phone case. The whole case is hand…
Калъф за телефон
Изцяло ръчно изработен калъф за телефон. Целият калъф е…
Moroccan clay body soap
The body soap has an intense moisturizing and toning effect…
Сапун за тяло Мароканска глина
Ръчно изработен тоалетният сапун е с интензивно овлажняващо…
Body Soap Sunny calendula
Body soap contains sun calendula to improve the appearance…
Сапун за тяло Слънчев невен
Сапуна за тяло съдържа слънчев невен за подобряване външния…
Body soap Bulgarian rose
Handmade moisturizing and nourishing toilet soap with a…
Сапун за тяло Българска роза
Ръчно изработен оважняващ и подхранващ тоалетен сапун с…
Сапун за тяло Кавказка глина
Ръчно правен сапун за тяло с кавказка глина спомагаща за…
Bookmark with embroidery
Fully hand-embroidered bookmark. A traditional motif of…
Книгоразделител с шевица
Изцяло ръчно бродиран книгоразделител. За дизайна му е…
Set Kanatitsa
The Kanatitsa set includes a leather bracelet with a hand-…